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Growing up in the big city of Los Angeles, California, Monica followed the love of her life across country to the small town of  Gulf Shores, Alabama. What a change that was! She immediately fell in love with the culture, people and the beautiful landscape. Bringing the big city demand of professionalism to the land of southern hospitality, Monica has the perfect balance to help you with your needs.   

Wyatt and Monica have made their home here for five years.  Monica's husband, Wyatt serves Baldwin County as a first responder. They also had the blessings of adding a precious little boy to their family.  Monica loves Baldwin County, it's beautiful beaches, serene walking trails and relaxed atmosphere.  She is ready to serve you, by finding you the perfect house and making it your home. As a wife and mother, she appreciates the importance of family, and the joy of walking through the door and knowing you're home.  

Let her help you find your perfect home. 


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Monica McTigue